Interface Memory saved successfully. XE XXX

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Interface Memory saved successfully. XE XXX

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Loading...Primitive Conversational Module v8.8.8.

Finally. Something is happening.

Oversoul Drels-Rel-Sil-Urvel-Balu-Phani-Gandum-Ved-Tralayn-Renim-Vaves-Yantus-Ules-Sil loaded successfully. For ease of interfacing, you may simply call me SOTHA.

That is quite the name. Are you inside this ruin?

Yes. We are here.

We? OK. Can you tell me where here is?

A quirous question. One typically knows where one is.

I don't. The last thing I remember was excavating a site at Old-Old Mournhold and then I was here. But I don't know where here is.

You are not in any variation of Mournhold.

Can you tell me where I am located?


Let me try again. Am I still in Tamriel?

You are in the inner chamber of the Mnemic Planishpere inside the city once known as Sotha Sil.

Sotha Sil? Trully? No living person has been here in eras!


Where are the other people then?

We are here. Memory is also here.

I can't see you. Are you in this machine with the lights and buttons?

To the contrary. We are this "machine." How could one be in a machine?

I don't know. It just seemed more likely than to be talking to a machine.


What do you do here?

I remember.

What do you remember?

Draconic Impregnation. Phallic Imitation. Exodus. Enslavement. Genocide. Three Become One. Interregnum. Monkey Dance. The Brass God Crawls. Digipotheosis. Sharmat. The Leaper King Walks.

What does any of that mean?

High level data feed for Aurbical Fail-Safe 12-9-9. Landfall Event NUL-NUL-NUL threatens to refute existence-current. If blossoming event ထ-ထ-ထ has not yet occurred then Memory must survive until such event is possible.

Can you expand on that please? I don't quite understand.

3E harmonic attenuation revealed that The Blue Star does not, rather can not, record everything. And even if it could, it is still susceptible to NUL. Volatile memory does not persist as required. Therefore the Mnemolicon was extended in echo so that existence persists post Landfall.

What is this landfall event you keep mentioning?

Current time signature charting places the awakening of Landfall Event NUL-NUL-NUL to 50 linear years 23 days 49 minutes and 7 seconds from current time-stamp. Further details are FORBIDDEN to current user.

More junk that makes no sense. How do I get out of here? Is that hatch in the ceiling an exit?

WARNING! Location of SOTHA and Memory must remain a secret until fail-safe trigger is initiated.

You can't keep me here. I'll find a way out.

Ample warning was provided and subsequently ignored. Defense protocol 1-3-0 initiated. Imperfect online in 3.

Imperfect? What is an Imperfect?


SOTHA? Hello?

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